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Our Values

Fifty years of sewing write PEPE BOTELLA signature among the greats of the worlds design and especially in bridal fashion. Our brides choose us to dream, to enjoy being perfect and above all with the unmistakable seal of a good make of Spanish fashion.


Made from our workshops with the loving care that each garment is special, taking care of every detail and tradition as a flag, PEPE BOTELLA is however also news, creativity, pure fashion and movement, in the form of dresses, designs, figuers, details and perfect parts. A Symphony of creations for women of today with the taste of the detail of yesterday. That magic combination that is a signature that you know what you want and that you reach every corner of the world with multiple unique selling points for decades.


In our House you will find the love and interest that you feel the magic of a unique moment and you can access it through a team of professionals at your service. A Spanish luxury for luxury women, current, feminine, and a different product.


Each of our collections can be the beginning of your dreams, and for those dreams, no doubt, PEPE BOTELLA is the perfect choice.