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Frequently Asked Questions

  Can I make my dress custom-made?

No problem, we can make the dress fit you. Pepe Botella has its production in Spain allowing us to put all the care and attention that requires every dress we make.

  The original model can be modified?

We can create your dream dress, always under the supervision and the approval of the brand.

Where to buy
  Where can I buy your dresses?

You can look at them in the points of sale that we indicate on the web.

The color
  Can I change the color of the dress ?

Yes, it is possible to change the color of the dress. At the point of sale they will provide you with  all the information about each dress and its possibilities.

The complements
  Do you have complements to match?

Most of our dresses have the basic veil complement to match , but according to the model there is the possibility of adding boleros, scarves or other accessories.

The price
  How can I find out the price of the dress that I like?

At your nearest store we will indicate you the price of the dress that you like. See what is in our points of sale

Choice of dress, when?
  How long in advance can I choose my wedding dress?

We recommend that at least 4-5 months before the wedding.